A Vintage Old Fashioned with James

As your guests arrive for their turkey, they will need some warmth from the cold – prepare your new favorite cocktail with us and James. You might be wondering who exactly James is? James is simply sophisticated and elegant. Just see so yourself. Located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, James is a sweet little restaurant set between charming brownstones on a tree-lined block.  We hit jackpot when owner, Deborah Williamson agreed to give us not one but two cocktail recipes to help the S&G customers call in the holiday spirit.  Today we will be sharing the Vintage Old Fashioned that is currently on their menu.

Lucky for you, the sister company Cecil & Merl has been bottling up their delicious bitters so you can make it exactly the way it tastes in the restaurant. In this recipe, we will be using the Cherry Bitter, which is now available on Straw and Gold. Stay tuned for their Fall Spice Syrup coming up!  Stay warm and enjoy.


2 oz.  Bourbon (We use Medley Brothers 102)
.25 oz. Fall Spice Syrup
5 Dash C&M Cherry Bitters
2 Dash Reagan’s No. 6 Bitters

Stir. Serve on the rocks. Garnish with Lemon and Orange Peel.